A Green and Spacious Open Space


The family mall in The Park Solo is slated to be the biggest and the best that Solo can offer. It will go beyond just the one-stop-shopping experience with the most prominent brands but will also offer an integrated al-fresco dining, entertainment and recreation district. 

Taking “The Green Shopping Atmosphere” as a theme, the family mall in The Park Solo comes with a spacious, green, open area, in the form of exquisitely laid out parks that brings you a natural combination of beauty and comfort.

To Grow in a Business Gold Mine


In addition to the mall, The Park also will have an Office Park. It is the first office park located strategically that combines the concept of shop-houses, small offices and show rooms.


Being an integrated super-block and within close proximity to the middle and upper class residential area in Solo Baru, it is an ideal place to do business.


The investment value set to rise with the completion of the various component-parts of The Park complex. The vibrant business, entertainment and recreation activities in Solo Baru will make the Office Park a virtual business gold mine.

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